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Membership Fees

Our Membership fees depend on which team you are selected for.

Club Kit

Our club kit can be purchased online.


Yes.  Please view our team payment structure here: https://somersetwesthockeyclub.co.za/club-fees/

Team kit is an extra payment over and above membership fees.

Yes.  All our players are required to attend practice sessions.  Team selection also depends on your attendance at practices.
Yes.  If you have played for a different club prior to joining ours then we would need a clearance letter form your previous club to release you to join ours.
It covers all club expenses like our Western Province affiliation fees, coaching salaries, turf bookings, astro lights and umpires.


By applying for membership I confirm that

  1. I have been fully cleared by my previous club and am in possession of the necessary clearance letter.
  2. I indemnify the club and its members from any liability of any nature whatsoever arising from my membership of the club, including, and not limited to, the activities associated therewith.
  3. I will make use of the facilities offered by the Somerset West Hockey Club entirely at my own risk.
  4. I agree to abide by the rules of hockey and the code of conduct implemented by the Somerset West Hockey Club, Western Province Hockey Union, South African Hockey Association and the International Hockey Federation as set out in their respective constitutions.
  5. I am familiar with the league rules set out by the Western Province Hockey Union. These rules are available at: https://www.wphockey.org.za/resources/175-wphu-documents.
  6. I understand that I will NOT be able to participate in matches should my fees not be paid by the due date(s) stipulated in the SWHC Information Sheet, and that my acceptance of these terms and conditions commits me to full payment, despite injury or membership withdrawal during the season.
  7. I will be committed to the club, my team and all scheduled training times even when life gets busy, homework/assignments is/are due and exams are upon us; I will communicate exceptions to the coach and team well in advance.
  8. Proof of payment of all fees mentioned in the SWHC Information Sheet, will be provided to the SWHC financial administrator: finance@somersetwesthockeyclub.co.za for purposes of good record keeping.

Liability and indemnity agreement

  1. I/we recognise the possibility of physical injury associated with hockey, and voluntarily accept and assume this risk as part of my or my child’s participation in hockey activities with the Somerset West Hockey Club.
  2. I/we hereby release, discharge, and otherwise indemnify Somerset West Hockey Club, their sponsors and its affiliated organisations, facilities, the employees and/or volunteers and associated personnel of these organisations, against any claim by or on my/our behalf, as a result of my and my child’s participation in hockey activities organised and conducted by Somerset West Hockey Club.
  3. I/we also understand and accept that registration with Somerset West hockey club does not include any accident or medical insurance.

Code of conduct (players and supporters)

  • No smoking is permitted inside any of the Somerset West Hockey Club indoor facilities or at any schools used by the Somerset West Hockey Club.
  • No alcohol may be brought to any of the Somerset West Hockey Club facilities; alcohol has to be bought from the clubhouse.
  • No alcohol may be consumed during matches, and no players will be allowed to represent the club while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  • Players will attend all matches in standard club kit.
  • No verbal abuse of members, non-members, opposition or umpires will be tolerated.
  • No abuse of club equipment, furniture or hockey equipment will be tolerated. Full compensation for the replacement or repairs will be required.
  • Players will respect the committee members’, captains’ and umpires’ decisions at all times.
  • No incitement or provocation of other members, non-members, opposition, or umpires will be tolerated.

Force majeure clause:

Somerset West Hockey Club shall not be liable for any non-performance arising from circumstances beyond its reasonable control (i.e a force majuere event), for instance but without limitation: natural disasters, pandemics, water restrictions, load-shedding and government-imposed lock-downs.

The club may optionally procure an alternative venue or make other arrangements for sporting activities as it deems appropriate in the circumstances as satisfactory substitute performance to its members.

If the club needs to terminate the season (or all matches or events for the club are cancelled) due to a force majeure event, the club may at its discretion refund its members a pro rate portion of their membership or capitation fees paid for the remaining term of the season (or for those number of cancelled league matches or events) insofar as any such funds paid actually remain available to the club after the deduction of expenses already incurred for the benefit of members during the season.

Personal Information:

The protection of personal information act comes into effect 1 july 2021. As part of compliance to the act, we are required to confirm that you would like to continue receiving communication from us. Your information will only be used for the purpose of sending regular communications in the form of email and Whatsapp groups and is strictly on a voluntary basis.

We are extremely serious about member information and can assure you that we have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your information. If you are happy to keep receiving emails from us there is no need to do anything. if you change your mind at any time in the future, an unsubscribe link can be found at the bottom of all our emails or remove yourself from any whatsapp group.

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Membership fees depend on which team you are selected for



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